Burlington Surveys


The 3 surveys taken by residents of Burlington in the last 5 years have all had similar results regarding drilling for natural gas. In each survey, many more people opposed drilling than supported it.

 •         In 2008 a survey was done by the Town of Burlington Planning Board. There were 430 responses or 46% of all residents. The results on the issue of drilling were 48% against and 12% for. There was no recorded result for unsure in that survey.

   •            In 2011 a survey was sent to all voters and landowners by the Concerned Burlington Neighbors. There were 478 responses returned. The results were 61% against drilling, 28% for drilling and 11% unsure.

   •            In March of 2012 the Town of Burlington Comprehensive Plan Committee included the drilling issue in their survey. There were 489 completed surveys returned, an impressive 48% of the total.  There were 486 responses to question #9  “Would you like gas drilling in in Burlington?” The results were 51% against drilling, 27% for drilling and 22% unsure.

The Burlington Town Board has addressed the issue with a road protection law.  The Town Board decided not to pursue a moratorium while a comprehensive plan is being drafted. 

The polling industry states that 27% is a good rate of return.